4/17: Anthony Brocco has announced that he is not running and endorsing Jay DeFuria!
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Jay DeFuria has the following positions on CHEA Topics

School Year

No start prior to September 1st of each school year.

Contractual language should now specify 180 instructional days, and 5 professional development days. (Originally, was 182/187)


Longevity payments for those who have been in the district, especially those that were forced to hold steps twice.

Stipends for Science Teachers for laboratory science courses, like is practice in the Lenape District

Teachers will be paid the supervisory rate for any hours outside of the school day on Field Trips (DECA, Mount Misery, etc)

Curriculum development will not occur on release time, must occur outside of school contractual hours and be paid at the appropriate rate

Establish more stipend positions at elementary level

Contractual Language

Define Duties- what is acceptable and what is not.

Teachers are not expected to do discipline/restorative duty (House Office or Grade level Duty)

Rotation of test proctors for Testing. Teachers will only need to proctor one assessment during each respective 10 month contract

50 minute lunch at both high schools and middle schools, to mimic what is available at the elementary school

Define faculty meetings- has to include all staff

Three Faculty meetings/Department meetings per year (if weekly email is sent out and required to be read), or faculty meetings are compensated

Change Transfer Language so that teachers have to accept transfer, otherwise if change in FTE, it is based on seniority

No duties for those teaching extra sections (1/6th)

One hour consecutive lunch on days where professional development occurs, instead of piecemeal 22 minutes here, 38 minutes there)

Reduce 12 hours outside of the school day to 8 hours for mental health/well-being of faculty

Standardize schedule to avoid maintenance/buildings and grounds working on days where every other unit is off

Liaison issues not addressed to satisfaction of liaison team at school by the next liaison meeting will be escalated to the superintendent. If not adequately addressed by the superintendent in the second month, then the issue will be put on the board of education agenda for the third month.


Teachers have autonomy of grading, no requirement for minimum grades (50 for marking periods)