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13 Votes, 6/3/2022 and 5/30/2024

Thank you for your support. Thank you for the emails, the 103 different emails and texts that I received from members, and the conversations that we’ve had together.

With 48% of the vote, it is obvious that people want a change, and that change is inevitable. Thirteen votes; reflect on that a moment. Thirteen votes is the swing. But, this email isn’t about me. It’s about us, and what we represented: a change is needed.

Two dates are important:


Run for representative in your building. The application is here. Work with me to help make change from the inside. Think about it this way: roughly HALF of our membership wanted a change in Union President. How many of you knew my name 4 days ago? Work with me in rep council to make positive changes happen.


The next election.

I hope you are not disappointed; I know that I am not. I saw what you saw: elections officials for our union making posts on their social media, union vice presidents making posts endorsing candidates. I agree with you that it doesn’t send confidence, but I am choosing to accept the votes as fair. 

I’ve heard of the “Walk Away CHEA” movement, and cannot support that solution. It will only serve to weaken us in a time when we need strong unions.

Do you want to keep this conversation going, or just see what I’m writing? Please email me at to opt-in to a list serve that will be focused on addressing issues. ALL levels are welcome. I plan on one email a month and scheduling meetings to encourage changes at the building level.


Jay DeFuria

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