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Vote 5/30/2024

Jay DeFuria for CHEA President

Fighting for what’s right. Fighting for you.

How am I different?

Ready to make Change

Is there something that you would like to get fixed? Something that makes your life more difficult, yet nothing has been done to address it? I’m ready to take a stand for you.

Interested in Representing All in our Union

Why does your portion of the bargaining unit have to work on particular days when the rest of the school is closed? What are concerns that impact YOU. I won’t push you to the side and ignore them

visit schools each and every day

Being present in our multiple buildings is important. I will rotate around each and every day/week to meet with you and hear your concerns.

never talk down to you

You are a professional and will be treated that way. I will never make you feel less than that.



13 Votes, 6/3/2022 and 5/30/2024

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It’s too important to stay the way its been

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Why is Jay DeFuria Different?

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